Sunday, November 25, 2012

Down with Pneumonia

Well I don't think this Valley of the Sun girl was meant for winter!  Winter for me is typically FREEZING when it is in the 60's and taking the pooch for a walk in 30 degree weather probably wasn't my brightest moment!  Therein, Suzanne got to spend the entire Thanksgiving holiday with pneumonia. My poor husband had 5 days off for the holiday and he has spent the last 8 days playing nursemaid to his wimpy wife, even going so far as going to the gas station at 1:30am to get me Vick's vapor rub.  He REALLY deserves a GREAT Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present this year!

Aside from the "sunburn" side affect from the meds, I think I am doing a bit better, but then I thought that on Wednesday morning before I over did it!  Oops!  But I definitely need to kick this in the can before I do my 7 hour drive back to SUNNY and WARM Arizona on Friday, hold my last Christmas card class AND I need to kick out 375 cards by December 13!  I think I need a healthy Suzy Clone!

So HOPEFULLY I will be posting some of the latest creations on my blog SOON!

Hope everyone had yummy turkey, tasty taters, and lots of pumpkin pie for the holiday!

Happy Stamping!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simple Christmas Greetings

I had a slam dunk rush to get some Christmas cards finished and out the door in less than a day and I am happy to say I got all I needed out the door just in the nick of time!  Some of the cards I tweaked and made a bit more simple than the originals, some were CASE'd and then there are the ones I have fallen in love with!  Enjoy!  Now off to get my butt in gear so I can finish the last of the 345 cards yet to make before December 1st!  Eeeek!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our App is LIVE!

That's right!  Suzy's Card Classes App is LIVE and ready to go!  Can't find us in the app search?  Go ahead and scan the QR code and instantly have it on your phone!

Talk about FUN FUN FUN!  

You can RSVP for classes, pre pay, get discounts, check out our pictures, purchase cards and connect with us on Facebook all from the convenience of your Smart Phone!  Don't have a smart phone?  That's ok, because the app is on the main page of our blog!  You can plan and have a wonderful time right from our blog site and still get all the features that the phone app has.

So download and send me your feedback!!!!

Thanks and happy stamping!