Sunday, November 25, 2012

Down with Pneumonia

Well I don't think this Valley of the Sun girl was meant for winter!  Winter for me is typically FREEZING when it is in the 60's and taking the pooch for a walk in 30 degree weather probably wasn't my brightest moment!  Therein, Suzanne got to spend the entire Thanksgiving holiday with pneumonia. My poor husband had 5 days off for the holiday and he has spent the last 8 days playing nursemaid to his wimpy wife, even going so far as going to the gas station at 1:30am to get me Vick's vapor rub.  He REALLY deserves a GREAT Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present this year!

Aside from the "sunburn" side affect from the meds, I think I am doing a bit better, but then I thought that on Wednesday morning before I over did it!  Oops!  But I definitely need to kick this in the can before I do my 7 hour drive back to SUNNY and WARM Arizona on Friday, hold my last Christmas card class AND I need to kick out 375 cards by December 13!  I think I need a healthy Suzy Clone!

So HOPEFULLY I will be posting some of the latest creations on my blog SOON!

Hope everyone had yummy turkey, tasty taters, and lots of pumpkin pie for the holiday!

Happy Stamping!

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