Sunday, December 16, 2012

Re-Organization of the Cottage

Spending VERY LONG hours in the cottage making a slew of cards has really jump started the "re-organizing of the cottage" project.  It started out as just a couple of tweaks, but now that I have totally been engrossed in the functionality of my space I need to get some things changed pronto!

Last weekend, my hubby braved the snowy weather and took me to town to pick up a few emergency supplies and this weekend I have been having a blast at Michael's and Hobby Lobby with my family back in Gilbert!  Oh my gosh!  Wait til you see some of the fun things I picked up to help organize all of my goodies!

Although a few things are going to need to be re-organized, I am happy to report that my color organization and stamps are still AMAZING!  Talk about life savers when it came to making cards this past week now I just need to get the rest of the cottage running just as smooth!

I promised my honey that I would get our room and office organized on Tuesday, but Wednesday...oh, that is all my cottage!!!!!!!  Unless I sneak away and do a little bit of work on my "breaks" from the house!  he he he

I will post pictures of some of the changes when I finish them up along with pictures of the cards I have been working on as soon as I get back home.  I totally forgot my camera cord so pics will have to wait!

Until then, stay warm!!!


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