Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glittery Organizing Fun!

Who says functionality can't have a bit of glitter?  Can I just say I love Hobby Lobby and Michael's?  I went down to Gilbert to visit family over the weekend and I just had a ball!  Shopping, shopping and more shopping!  (Sorry, honey!)

I needed some fun things to put cotton balls, marbles, extra Dimensionals, Dazzling Details, Twine, Sanding Blocks, misc. stamps and other tools that I need to have handy.  So I picked up a few pails at Hobby Lobby and then my mom found this great turquoise glittery buckets that I HAD TO HAVE!  So now all of my goodies have happy homes!

The green box on the bottom has all of my wheels and the blue one has my misc stamps from Rubbernecker.

The little buckets and pails have all the cotton balls, marbles, Dimensionals, etc. and they are right here at my work station!  No more going over to the cabinet to find the cotton balls!

The skinny green and blue polka dot box has a nifty drawer organizer in it and has some creative embellishments in it so I can see them all at one time.  It is like my own little treasure chest of fun!

The sparkly boxes on top I picked up at Target and they are just there because they are too darn cute and fit perfectly with my shelves!  Absolutely no purpose other than making me happy!


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