Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Supplies and More Supplies

Who says trash needs to be ugly?  Or in this case, extra trash bags, packing tape, envelopes for bills (ugh), paper for the printer and extra cards!  This stacking rack just used to be piled with crap, lots of crap!  So during our wintery jaunt Wal-Mart, I picked up the green and turquoise cubes and voila! Instant prettiness!  The green one has the trash bags and packing tape.  The blue one has my big envelopes for work and the big envelopes for bills.  They all fit perfectly!

Since we get soooooo much dust here in Bloomfield, I put my extra paper in the clear tubs above the cubes. It keeps the paper safe and dust free!

I had picked up a bunch of photo boxes at Michael's in the springtime that matched my cottage colors and I keep the extra cards I have from classes along with the extra kits!  So much easier than hiding them under the tables and having to crawl under them to figure out what I have left!  Plus they were only $1!  Can't beat that for cute and resourceful!  I am sure my husband is wishing I was that cheap, because I got cute AND resourceful down pat!  ;o)

Wait til you see the really cute stuff tomorrow!!!!!  It glitters!!!!!

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