Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Card Class Survival Kit

My Bunky Bag
My mom makes these cute little Bunky Bags for all sorts of goodies; groceries, books, pets and card class!  These little guys are the perfect size for our Card Class Survival Kit!  Filled with all the things you need when going to Card Class!

The Inside
Here is the inside of my cute little Bunky!  I just LOVE the colors!!!!!  But I have all the goodies I need to go to class!

So what exactly is in the Survival Kit?  Well, whatever you feel YOU need to survive Suzy's Card Classes!  Scissors, chocolate, booze...kidding!  Maybe!!!  I could fit a little bottle of champagne in this baby!

The Survival Kit Contents
Alas, no bubbly in this Bunky, but there is CHOCOLATE!  THAT is a key item in the Card Class Survival Kit!  Along with a little trash can, extra sponge, chocolate, double sided sticky tape, wipes AND Kleenex to dry off, scissors, the Pick Me Up for those pesky pearls and rhinestones, Embossing Buddy, Dimensionals, distressing tool, marker to sign the back of my cards with and a Blender Pen!

What all do you put in your Card Class Survival Kit?  What can you NOT live without when making cards out and about with your closest friends???

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