Saturday, July 27, 2013

Open House and Boutique

The house is ALMOST finished, but even though we still have a lot to do in the back, the front of the house is pretty much finished.  WHICH led me to having my first Open House since I moved to NM 14 months ago.

You can check out some of what we have been doing at our personal blog and as for the Open House, well you can just just stay right here!

Most of the cards
Cute coasters I made

More cuteness

Love the Fairy Card!


I don't really know a lot of people here in Bloomfield, but my Grandma and Papa T came up from Arizona so they could see the new place and check out all of the new cards!   Talk about making my day!

All in all, it went very well and I am most pleased with all of the cards.  Now to get everyone in the mood for classes in New Mexico!

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