Saturday, August 31, 2013


Zombie Card
Well, I guess I can't necessarily call this guy "cute" but he is definitely not TOO scary!  I had a lady request some zombie invitations for her son's birthday party so I came up with this little guy and then found out he is going to be 17!  Eek!  I should have asked that beforehand, huh?  LOL   So the SCARY zombie card will be coming next week, but in the meantime I have this "cuter" version laying around!  

I did an overlay of tissue paper over his face to make it look like nasty skin and I think it added a nice touch and the googly eyes, well, how can you NOT have googly eyes?

If you would like this googly eyed zombie, please be sure and check him out on Etsy.  I did only make one and once he is gone I don't think I will make another one.

Buy The Googly Eyed Zombie

Have a great Labor Day!

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