Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost Finished!

Well we have been crazy busy here at Gooseberry Cottage!  Aside from a laptop committing suicide, Stephan and his father have completed the bathroom in the cottage!!  We just need to get a mirror for over the sink and the bathroom will be finished.  The only thing left to do is install the carpet which if all goes well, will be installed next week!

Life back in Gilbert has been crazy as well.  We are starting the packing process, moving odds and ends to the storage room, my daughter graduates in a few weeks, work is coming to an end, and friends and family need to be visited.  Not to mention the last few card classes need to be had.

It is definitely one of those bittersweet moments where I am super excited to FINALLY live a life with my husband without the dividing forces of living two separate lives.  The lives we have in our home towns and the lives we share on Friday nights together.  It is definitely taking its toll as we have been doing this for a year and a half and we are both excited to finally be together.  The bitter side of things is leaving my friends, my family, and my daughter behind.  My mom insists I am not REALLY leaving because we will be back so often for my son to see his father and she does have a point.  (Mom's are smart like that!)

As time draws near more emotions come to surface; the excitement, the anxiety, the thrill and fear of the unknown, the wonderment and the start of a new chapter in life.  I will have a new life ahead of me, a life where I get to make cards to my little hearts content, mixed in with helping Stephan run his DJ business, being a mom to 3 boys and 2 girls, a wife, contracting for my current employer, avoiding going into Farmington at all costs, and cooking to my little hearts content!  Garrett is SO looking forward to that one!

So a lot happening here and I promise to be a bit more consistent in my posts especially once I am all set up in my new digs!!!

Until then,

Happy Stamping!

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