Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Let's face it, whenever a storm needs to be weathered having a lighthouse in the distance to steer you home safe is always a warm and comforting feeling!  When I was creating the Matthew card it dawned on me that the lighthouse is a wonderful analogy in our high tech world to our most valued IT gurus!  I have been extremely blessed over the years to work with the brilliant, the reliable, the genius and the life savers aka the I.T. Guy!

They guide us safely to calm waters aka "reboot".
With a few swift key strokes they miraculous get your computer off the rocks.
And if you are extremely lucky they become more than "just the I.T. guy" they become friends.

Thus, the Matthew card was born!

Always a guiding light through the toughest of storms.  Matthew is strong when it comes to facing adversity and the perfect way to send a special Happy Birthday to that wonderful man in your life!  Plus he can quickly be converted from a birthday card to a Father's Day card.

Matthew comes with a matching envelope and the inside sentiment reads:
"Life is uncharted territory.  It reveals its story one moment at a time.  - Leo F. Buscaglia"

If you would like to send a special card to that wonderful man in your life, the Matthew card couldn't be more perfect!

Send your own beacon of light to your special man!  Get Matthew!

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