Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I Stamp

A hobby is one of those wonderful little gifts that we give to ourselves; purely selfish, all about "me", makes me happy and no one can take it away endeavors.  There are many different reasons for having hobbies and let's face it, regardless of the reason a hobby is an essential part of being YOU.

For me, one of my hobbies includes stamping and making cards and I LOVE IT!  However, it wasn't a love that I actually HAD, it was one I fell into accidentally and I can't tell you how instrumental it has been in my life.  Let's face it, stamping saved my sanity!!!

Reasons for My Saved Sanity (which is still questionable!)

  • I went through a BAD break up where I locked myself away from the world and I sat in my jammies all weekend long and made cards to my little hearts content!  Not that I think hiding from the world is HEALTHY, it did give me the time to really look at myself and make some much needed changes to me and my life.  PLUS, it was a lot more fun than therapy!  

How could I NOT stay in my jammies and play with a room like this?

  • Stamping allows my mind to be free to really get in some serious "me" time.  To contemplate change in my life, plot ways of combating the fight with my son over homework, fantasize about far away places and listen to great music that I love. 

  • Stamping is so much better than therapy!  Not that I can say it is cheaper, but it is better!  Not only is better for some alone time, but when I have the girls over for a class it is like a wonderful group therapy!  We all get to leave our "motherly" responsibilities at the door.  We have girl time and don't have to worry about cleaning the kitchen, dealing with our children's attitudes, our men's dirty socks in the middle of the floor or the worries and the frets of daily life.

  • Earlier this year, I picked up and moved away from my home, from my family, from my children, from the world I know and loved most.  I got married last December and it was time for me to actually go and live with my hubby!  (A novel concept, yes?)  Thankfully, explaining to him the importance of having a stamp room was not lost to him and he THANKFULLY built me a little cottage to stamp in. I can not tell you how ESSENTIAL my cottage is to my well being!  When the emotions of feeling overwhelmed or missing my family is at its pinnacle, I can go into my cottage, get away from it all and pull myself together.  It is my sanctuary!  I absolutely HATE the place I live in, but Stephan has created my own little oasis, my own perfect paradise, my piece of heaven.  I don't think I would have been able to handle the change without having my cottage and my stamps surrounding me.

At the end of the day, stamping HAS saved my sanity.  It gives me time to think, boosts my self confidence, makes me stronger to deal with all of life's trials and tribulations, brings me closer to friends, allows me time to dream and the best part is I get to share it with other people!

Of course, I should take this time to say, "Thank you, Mom!  Thank you for buying those Stampin' Up! stamps at Tina's party 15 years ago, thank you for encouraging me, for helping me decorate my studio all of those times and for all of your holiday card orders!!!"

Happy Stamping and Happy Hobbying!  



  1. I loved your post. Your cottage is gorgeous!!!! And I am way too impressed with your app. How's your dad and mom?

  2. Thanks, lady!!! I love my little cottage and my app has me giggling with glee!! Mom and Dad are doing good! 2 years Cancer free for my dad!!!! They just moved into a new house and they are definitely up to their eye balls! Miss you!