Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Color Scheme

Well the fun part is coming up fast and furious with Gooseberry Cottage!  Time to pick out the colors for my new room!  I have been all over the charts with my studio and a lot of times I decorate the room to look like the holiday or season we are in.  It is a ton of fun and I enjoy having the flexibility, but I am thinking maybe I need to have flexibility AND a theme!  Or maybe a scheme!

Here are a few pictures I have come across that I am totally falling in love with the colors!  Just so many options!!  What do you think?  Have any awe inspiring words of wisdom, two cents worth of opinions or just a thought in general?


  1. Okay , out of the three I like the last one definately YOU! Nice calming color, yet cheerful and sophisticated! The second on is nice , but I think you might get tired of it real quick.Not quite cheery enough for ya ;).
    First one is really cheery and nice, but more for a teenager! But hey I think its what you like and will be comfortable with everyday. Good Luck Suze! How fun is that!


    1. That is becoming my favorite too!! It is just so happy looking!!! Thanks, Nana!

  2. Your very welcome sweetie! Choose what grabs your heart and wont let go!! Your right, Happy is what is most important!

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  4. If you were helping me redo my scrapping room, there's already a lot of yellow and green in my house so it would be easy to create either of the 1st two rooms.
    BUT, that last one? So calming and soothing - I think I could get very creative in a room with that color scheme!!!

  5. LOL Krys, YOU are reason why I am doing this blog! I can't help but always think about the time you came out here and we talked about your scrapping room and how petrified I was to offer a single shred of organizing advice! Now look at me?! LOL I am definitely heavily leaning toward the last one too! I am LOVING looking at it.