Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to Gooseberry Cottage!

Gooseberry Cottage

It is official I am moving away from my home in sunny Arizona and headed up to Northern New Mexico to be with my husband.  A move that has changed in many ways from waiting for 5 years, to possibly moving it up to 2 years and now we are at "let's just do it at the end of the school year".  Which is exactly where we are at!

Aside from logistics, kids going to school, a new town, figuring out my new "role" and all the fun stuff that goes with a big move we realized we needed to find a home for ALL of my stamps and card supplies!  After much thinking we came up with the idea of building me my very own cottage!

We spent several weekends driving around Northern Arizona looking for the perfect solution and after many roadside stops we finally found our solution in Stephan's hometown!  My new little playground is actually a glorified shed, but I think my 12'x36' "shed" deserves to be called a "cottage" instead!  I mean, I have a porch and everything!

Here is the space that I have to work with and we have to get this bad boy insulated and finished, but I am just so excited to watch the transformation from empty shell to my cutesy studio!  My studio has had many a face over the last 3 years and I am looking forward to seeing what all transpires with the new face lift.

Aside from watching the progress of Gooseberry Cottage, I have decided to take up blogging again and use this as a way to keep everyone updated on my latest card creations, my life in a new place and because I have missed blogging.  This is a far cry from my days of blogging about organizing, but you will be happy to know that I am still anal about how all of my craft goodies are organized!  Some things just never die!  So for those of you who begged me to blog about craft room organizing, you may just very well get your wish...FINALLY!!  Just bear with me because it has been years since I had on my blogger hat and I may need some refresher courses!



  1. OMG, Suzanne! Go to this blog IMMEDIATELY and check out her Scrapping Shed - I'm so jealous!!!

    Just scroll down to her two links in the left column, called Scrapping Shed and Scrappin Shed Studio.

  2. That is so stinking cool!!! (I blogged about it! LMAO) Thanks, woman!!!!