Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Transformation

The Studio Over the Years

Needless to say, I didn't last long in my little space with my stickers and paper.  It was costing me a fortune and then I rediscovered Stampin' Up! and decided I needed to change my ways before I stickered myself into the poor house!

I loved having the space to spread out, but the lighting was ATROCIOUS in my big giant play room so I searched and searched for answers to my lighting issue.  I thought perhaps the twinkle lights would add a little sparkle and help out with my problem especially in the evening.

Unfortunately, as cute as the twinkle lights were they just didn't do a dang gone thing for the lighting issue.

My mom and figured a happier and brighter color theme was needed to help out with the lights.

Some lamps strategically placed in some of the odd places where my Ikea lamps couldn't hang.

Ikea lamps hung in just the right places where I could see my ribbon, paper and growing stamp collection!

And then the Grand Finale for over the work table!!!   We built a PVC pipe trellis, looped the light and then spiffed it up with flowered garland complete with Butterflies!!!   It was fabulous and truly helped with the lighting!   This was by far my most favorite set up!  It was cheery, happy, roomy, bright and made my life easier when I was making cards or hosting classes.

Then I had to move!  =(   I was totally devastated to leave behind my perfect studio, but we are definitely making do in the new home.  The trellis has been packed away, but all of my goodies are closer at hand.  The stamps are on the opposite wall and take up a TON OF SPACE, but everything seems to working out nicely.  Of course, this is just our temporary home before moving to Gooseberry Cottage!

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