Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting Ready to Pack

I have to say I am LOVING all of the new designs for Duct Tape out there.  Not only is it stinking cute it helps me organize my move!  The cute cupcake Duct Tape will be decking out all of the boxes I use for my card studio.  This way when I get to the end of my 400 mile move I know just where all of the boxes that will be living in the Gooseberry Cottage are!

Last time I moved...6 months ago, I used this colored duct tape method and it worked out GREAT!  The movers put all of the color coded boxes in the right room and I didn't have to move a single box upstairs!  Oh thank HEAVEN!

Tomorrow after our Mother's Day lunch my mom is coming over to help me pack up my studio, kitchen and any other room that may be a potential "target".  Yes, we have GREAT plans for Mother's Day in my house!  I think my mom REALLY loves me!!  Love ya, mom!

Of course, all of these thoughts on organizing has got my brain working in over drive so wait until you see what else I have up my sleeve to help me organize Gooseberry Cottage next month!!!

Happy Stamping!


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