Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gooseberry Cottage is Ready and Waiting

Gooseberry Cottage is FINISHED!!!!   My hubby busted his hump and got it all finished just in time for our May 31st move in date!  Talk about my very own Superman and if that isn't enough, he has already started in on the courtyard!  I am beyond spoiled and loved, that's for damn sure!

I just need to get a couple of cute little things to adorn the outside of the cottage.  I am dying to get a cute little mailbox to put little notes in for the family, a Gooseberry Cottage sign and a couple of cutesy flags to hang outside the window.  Plus a cute frog or two for the patio!  (Yes, I have a thing for frogs and my mom still buys me cute froggy jammies every now and again.)

As soon as I get up to New Mexico I will be sure and take more pictures with all of the goodies!!!

In case you missed it, let's take a quick tour of Gooseberry Cottage and her transformation!

The Outside
The back wall where G's room and bathroom will be

Installing the Drywall

The front of the cottage

Garrett's bedroom!

The front of the cottage with the lights and drywall up

Framing in Garrett's room and bathroom

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