Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unloading in the Cottage

The funniest part of my day today was Stephan calling me and telling me that if I have a thought to bring something else to New Mexico, don't.  LOL   I think he is trying to nicely tell me I have too much crap and he is probably right!  He made a super human effort on Friday to zip away from work and drive the 6 hours to Gilbert to rent a trailer to bring my studio up to NM.  

Not only did he do a major turn around: Get to Gilbert on Friday night, load on Saturday and head back to NM at 6am Sunday morning, he had to unload the entire trailer by himself!!  If I ever dare to even question if he loves me, I think I need to look back at these pictures!

The real crazy part about all of this is this IS my studio stuff.  Every box is part of my craft room, all my stamps, inks, paper, cutters, you name it, THIS is Gooseberry Cottage.  Dare I tell him that I have another U-Haul full of stuff coming on Thursday?  Ooops!

I will admit that I am super excited to tackle the mass amounts of boxes and put together my little sanctuary!  The best part is my mom and daughter are coming up with me so we get to work on it together!!!  Woo hoo!

Next post...after I get all settled!

Happy Stamping because I sure can't right now!  =)


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