Monday, May 14, 2012

Organizing Supplies

Little flashes of brilliance pop into my head at the weirdest moments and this little idea is no different!  I only get to see Stephan once a week and if we are lucky it is a for a whole whopping 12 - 14 hours and we have to sleep somewhere in that time frame so you are looking at maybe 5 hours we actually get to spend together.  So what am I thinking about in the wee hours of the morning???

Organizing my stamping supplies, of course!  (Sorry, sweetie!!!  I couldn't help it, you were still snoozing!)

Right now I have all of my inks together and they are all grouped in the color family.  Which is super wonderful!

Then I have a place for all of my reinkers, again organized by color family.  Then of course are the brads, buttons, ribbons, adornments, etc.  They all have a home of their own and between them all, they take up about 3 tables of space.

Since I am moving into Gooseberry Cottage in two and a half weeks, I am going to have to really be strategic on where I put things.  I went from having a GINORMOUS studio, to this little box of a room and now I will be moving to a bit bigger of space.  Quite frankly I am tired of being squished!

Stephan and I already figured out how to condense 4 shelving units of stamps to 2 and now I think I have figured out how to eliminate the need for all of those extra tables!

I found these little white baskets at Wal-Mart for $1.36 for 2 baskets and I am going to put everything associated with that color in the basket; ink, re-inker, ribbons, brads, buttons, sponge, extra markers, punched out labels that I didn't use, but don't want to waste, etc.  When I have a project I am working on, I can just grab the bucket and I can see everything I have so I can boost the old creative juices to use some coordinating accessories!

Plus, I think I can get a couple more Billy Bookcases from Ikea that would work out perfectly and open up my studio like you would not believe!  Plus it means a shopping trip to Ikea!!!!  How can I NOT check it out?

Mom and I are going to put the theory to test on that Saturday after I move in so I will keep you posted!!!!

Fingers crossed!


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