Saturday, August 25, 2012

Busting Out the Classes

As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I know I should be doing parties and building up my business, participating in swaps, going to events and meetings, but at the end of the day I just like making cards and hosting workshops.

I was going to switch it up a bit and get out of my comfort zone, but then I realized that 1) it was a lot of work 2) I was slacking on some of my workshop duties 3) why was I trying to "change it up" when all I really need to do is make it better!

So after a couple of months of trial and error I am back to where I need to be!  Getting my butt in gear with my current workshop group, adding an advanced class because let's face it, my girls are amazing and they need a bit of a challenge every now and again, AND I am going to take advantage of living in two states!

I have an amazing network of ladies in my hometown of Gilbert, but I am only there 8 to 10 days a month.  The rest of the time I am in Bloomfield so my brilliant husband suggested I get out of "the compound" and get to hosting more workshops!  He has some great ideas every now and again!

I did a bit of calling around and the Aztec library has rooms for $25 and let me tell you, Aztec is the cutest town!!!  I don't have to go into Farmington (ick), I get out of the congested and construction hell of Bloomfield and we can all meet in the middle in cute little ol' Aztec!  With hanging flower baskets on the street lamps, an adorable small town feel, and it even comes complete with a Scottish Fiddle Society!  Not that the Scottish Fiddle Society has anything to do with making cards, I just love that they have one!

Of course, being new to town and only knowing two people aside from my husband and his family, I may have an issue with finding people.  I am, however, going to brow beat my two cousins who live in Aztec to go my classes.  They may torture me with promises of other things, but it may be worth the pain and suffering!  I am hoping the library will allow me to put up a flyer or something and I may even try to coerce my husband to hand some out at his school to some of his teacher friends.  =)

All else fails, I may resort to begging on the streets or dragging women in by their hair caveman style.  Although, it would be super wonderful if anyone has any other ideas, aside from the club and hair dragging, to bringing in the card makers I would be most grateful for the suggestions!!  I would hate to get arrested during  my first New Mexico card class attempt!

Happy Stamping!

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