Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sad attempt at stenciling

Last week, Jordyn and I painted the small wall in my cottage a gorgeous shade of blue!  I have the drop down ladder into the loft that comes right down against the wall and I can't put a dang thing on the wall nor can I put anything in the middle of the wall.  So I got this brilliant idea to stencil big dandelions on the wall!

Super cute, right?

Well, it SHOULD be super cute, but it is an EPIC fail!

 The first dandelion I did is the one in the lower left.  Talk about SMEARING!  I wanted it to be super white, but all I got was a super smunched wanna be dandelion.  By the time I did the last one (the third from the left) I was getting the hang of it, but alas, they will never be a vibrant white dandelion, only a "watermark" dandelion.

My poor dragonfly was quite the white blob, but I broke down and opened the can of blue of paint and fixed him up quite nicely.

Those little floating white things are dandelion tufts...or they are supposed to be!

I used the blue painters tape to hang them up with and I should have used the spray adhesive, maybe they would have turned out better!

OR I should just stick to making cards and leaving it at that!

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