Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Addition to our Family

It has been a very quiet last couple of weeks for me as far as the computer goes.  I have been enjoying the company of my daughter who is up visiting me for a week AND we decided to add another family member to my Gooseberry Cottage Menagerie!

Currently I have, Vinnie the Tortoise, who after a nasty run in with my poochy Marley, is doing very well and back to zipping around his turtle pen.  There is also Barry and Baby Barry the frogs that live in the courtyard at night.  Evel Knievel the Lizard that enjoys jumping OVER Vinnie's pen at break neck speeds, two praying mantises that are keeping our tomatoes safe, the plethora of birds that are NOT keeping the flies, mosquitoes or hornets away, but they are fun to watch and listen to.  You would think that would be enough, but I am missing Marley something fierce and I just HAD to get a new poochie!  (Marley went back to Arizona with my son and as much as I miss the boy, I may just miss the pooch a tad bit more!  he he he  KIDDING!....Kinda!)

So after MUCH ridiculous begging and pleading, I talked my husband into getting another dog and I would LOVE to introduce you to Miss Hedy LaMoore!

Chewing on her ball with Jordyn

Sniffing out the bad guys!

We aren't too sure what kind of dog she is as we got her from the Humane Society in town, but she is too stinking cute, has big feet and is sleeping nicely in her crate.  So how could I not have fallen in love with her?!  Of course, asking me after she has chewed up something terribly important will probably be the true test of doggy love!

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