Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween Cards

Before Jordyn got her for her week vacation before college starts back up again, I DID get some work done on some cards.  Primarily because I want her help in putting the kits together for my Halloween class coming up in September!

I was a nice mom and took her shopping today and we went crazy at the thrift stores buying up books!  Most of them were $.50 to a $1.00 and we had a BALL!  I even splurged and took her out to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!  Yep, I think I am a GREAT mom!

So when she has to start putting kits together for my next 3 classes coming up in the next month, I don't think she has room to complain!

So I am thinking in between piddle patrol, putting together kits and puppy proofing the cottage Jordyn is going to be one busy girl the last couple of days of her vacation!

Happy Stamping!

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