Saturday, March 3, 2012

Almost Ready!

Well Gooseberry Cottage is coming right along!  Stephan and my father in law have been busting their butts to get the cottage all insulated so the dry wallers can come in next week!  Hoping to have the dry wall finished so the kids and I can start the painting process when we are up there next weekend!  It is just so exciting and heartbreaking at the same time.   Not being able to physically see it, not to help out on the day to day activities of getting it ready for our big move.  It makes it beyond hard for both of us.  BUT Stephan HATES to paint so hopefully my little crew and I can eliminate that portion of the job for him!!

Lots of fun and excitement in the coming weeks!  Between the dry wall, paint and carpet, it will almost be done!!!  Bring on May!

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