Monday, March 5, 2012

So Many Stamps So Little Time - Part Two

Remember those little stickers with the numbers on it from our last post?  Well, those colors and numbers actually have a purpose and this is definitely where my organizing bone comes into play.

All of the Stampin' Up! sets have a specific size which makes it fairly nice to stack them one on top of the other.  So each "size" has a specific color associated with it.  The biggest sets are yellow and the smallest are sporting the pretty color circle.

Next, we started numbering them.  There is no rhyme or reason behind the numbers, but each color starts with 1 and goes until I can't buy any more stamps!

Here is the super cool part!  When I am flipping through my Stamp Book and I find a set I want to use all I have to do is look at the color and the number of colored dot and I can go right to it on my shelves!   Talk about saving me LOADS OF TIME!

In conjunction of having the wood mounted stamps, I also have the clear ones.  The clear stamp sets are alphabetized so it is very easy to find them quickly.  In my book, the clear stamp sets are marked with a C so I know it is Clear and I know where to go to find it. What used to take me two or three minutes to find a stamp set now takes a matter of seconds!

Of course, what do I do when I know the name of the stamp set I want, but don't necessarily know the number or color?  Oooh I have a solution to that too!  But that is for the next post!

Happy Stamping!

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