Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding Inspiration

When I sit down to make a card that is strictly a "Suzanne" card, it can take me up to two hours to find all the right papers, the perfect stamp and the best sentiment for the inside.  Don't get me wrong I love the creative genius behind it, but I just don't always have two hours to kill to design an entire card all on my own!  I need HELP!

So I spend some downtime every day scouring the internet looking for the perfect inspirations.  Some of them are so perfect that I CASE the whole card.  Other cards I absolutely love certain elements, but maybe I want to change the colors, the type of ribbon, maybe the quote so I use it as a guide and get to work.

For example, this card (which I apologize for NOT knowing where I found this at) I love the flowers as the focal point for the cross.  I know it is a sympathy card, but I have been dying to use it for my Easter cards this year.

So I changed a few things, added a couple of others and voila!  I have an evolved version!

This is one of the cards we are making in our Easter Card Class in March.  It was an absolute blast to make and I love all of the textures, layers and how cheery it is.

Happy Stamping!

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