Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Plan or Not to Plan...That is the Question

We had big painting plans this weekend, but unfortunately, the best laid plans are usually messed up when it comes to "worker people", if you can call them that.  Being 400 miles away doesn't help much either, which bothers me more than I care to actually think about.  Our time frame is now kind of messed up by two weeks and since we have a hard deadline (G and I moving TO Bloomfield) every moment is precious.

Having been a professional organizer makes it even harder to swallow and since I have done dry wall work before, it actually makes it that much worse!  Stephan has been amazing, thank God I have a husband who is calm when my red hair goes a flaming and my inner Boadicea comes out!  If only I had a chariot!  But Stephan redirected my consternation to figuring out the courtyard for the cottage.

The "courtyard" at the moment is a piece of dirt with an electric pole, a Direct TV dish and a whole heck of a lot of nothing!  However, I grabbed out my graph paper, sat at my patio of the porch and off I drew.  Erasing, re-drawing, erasing again, cursing the rap music from the house across the street, and finally I came up with a design!   (Help from a bit of Pinterest!  I knew my "Sprucing Up the Dirt" album would come in handy one day!)

The last thing I have to figure out is what kind of bushes to plant.  I have to use pots, because nothing grows in the dirt out here.  Which works for me because that just means I can rearrange things if need be! I didn't think going from Arizona to New Mexico would be THAT big of a difference as far as zones go, but I was wrong.  The good news is, I get to go to Nursery's!  If I can find one in Bloomfield or Aztec, I will be MOST happy!  Hmmm, now that I am thinking of it, maybe Flagstaff is in the same zone as Bloomfield!  If that is the case, I know the PERFECT nursery to play at!  AND I may even try to talk Stephan into buying me one of those super cool garden clocks!  (hint hint!)

Although a few things have been a little wonky this weekend, it has been nice.  The kids and Stephan are having a fun night watching scary zombie movies while I blog.  On commercial breaks he comes in to see if I need a drink refill and I even popped by famous popcorn!  

We go back home to Gilbert tomorrow, but it has been a very nice 24 hours!

Once I get home, I have a card class to get ready for, a wedding card to complete, an Easter Card order to start and a birthday card order to finish!  My little fingers are going to busy in the next 4 days!

Well off to see if I can whip up a few more posts and then screw around on Facebook and Pinterest before going to bed!  (This Daylight Savings Time thing is for the birds!!!  Arizona definitely had it going on when we opted out of that!)

Happy Stamping!

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