Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dinky Baby Factory

The first time I met Vicki Riley was at a Networking meeting in Gilbert, AZ.  It is 8am and during our little round robin introduction she announces, "Hi, my name is Vicki and I make babies."  As a woman, I am like, ya, well don't we all.  They guys on the other hand almost fell out of their seats!!!  Did she REALLY just say that?

Then she went on to describe said babies.  Lovely cloth doll babies!  Vicki IS Dinky Baby!

Much to the amusement of the ladies and relief from the guys, Vicki has created these fabulous cloth dolls with tons of patterns and adorable kits!  She went from confiscating the dining room table, to stealing the front den and now that she has moved she has her very own Dinky Baby Factory!

Making the Babies!

As wonderful as her dolls are, my FAVORITE piece of Dinky Baby Headquarters is the pattern organization.

All of her patterns have a home in one of those wonderful plastic Sterilite baskets.  Which inspired my very own version of Vicki's organizational method!

Basket of Goodies

Color Families
You can't beat converting a great idea into one that works for your crafting purposes!!!

Be sure to check out Dinky Baby and all the wonderful goings on with Vicki!!!

Thank you, Vicki!!!


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  1. Suzanne,
    You know you are my organizing inspiration. Without organization my whole business would be in chaos. Each completed pattern has a home as in my pattern room, and each original pattern, master CD & etc., has a file folder and a number. Without this system, I would never find anything!!!! I began numbering my patterns in the very beginning when I just had 4!