Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing with Evernote

I was perusing through one of the Forums on the Stampin' Up! website and noticed a lot of people talking about Evernote.  I had NO clue what it was and assumed it was Mac's version of One Note.  Nope, I was wrong!  (Thankfully!)  After asking hubby if he had heard of it and if it was a "Mac thing" I went to my next information source....Facebook!  (Had NO IDEA my little brother was up in the know of new technology gizmo's!  Way to go, Jake!)

After getting feedback, watching a video that Brina sent me and downloading the software to every imaginable device I could find, I started to play with this new discovered green elephant software.  Ok, fine, I was banned from the house while the hubby watched Walking Dead and decided I didn't have anything better to do and I started to play!  =)

The ladies from SU were talking about using it to organize stamp sets. Although, I have a nifty antiquated way of organizing my stamps I thought I could give it a whirl and see how it works out!

So I grabbed my notebook of stamp sets and set out for the Stampin' Up! online store and started grabbing stamp set images and pasted it into my new Stamp Set Notebook on Evernote.

Once I pasted it, I labeled it with the name of the Stamp Set AND the location of where I have it in my collection.

Then I added "tags".  I tagged it depending on holiday or theme so when I did a search for Birthday, any stamp set I had with birthday anything they will pop on up on my screen.

This a screen shot of the stamps in my collection or notebook and I did a search for "Christmas".  It pulled up all of the stamp sets that have something to do with Christmas AND I can easily see the complete stamp set in the thumbnail view.  If you notice at the top it says, "Ornament Keepsake - Yellow 38".  That is telling me the name of the set is Ornament Keepsake and it is in the Yellow container and is number 38.  Now I know EXACTLY where to find the stamp set in my vast collection!

As nice as this view is, I think I like the Snippet view better.  The information I want in front of me is the stamp location.  So I click View and change it to Snippet.

I still get most of the stamp set view, but in the middle column you will notice I can now see the name of the Stamp Set AND the location.  YEAH!!!!

So far I am enjoying Evernote and I can't wait to get all of my stamps listed in the notebook.  It is going to be tedious and time consuming, but I think in the end it will pay off.  Definitely missing my daughter right now!  She could be doing a lot of this for me!  =)

I am also thinking of other nifty ways to use Evernote!  I think I am going to try doing a bit of out of sight out of mind inventory and see how that works!  How would you like to know that if you forgot where you put your crystal effects you could simply type it into Evernote and voila!  It pops you back with a picture of your revered product and WHERE it is!   Oh the time it could save!!!

I will keep you posted!

If you use Evernote, what do you think?  How do you like it?  What do you use it for?

Happy Stamping!



  1. Questions???
    How much does it cost and can you link all of your computers or ipads together? Also what do you do about the stamps that are discontinued and not on the Stampin up sight anymore, can you scan a picture to load?

  2. Oh here is the good stuff! IT IS FREE!!! I linked my Nook, my laptop and my phone to it so I can check it out wherever I am. Oh ya! For the stamps that are discontinued, I am going to try eBay or take pictures and post them. Which I should be able to do without any problems. I am going to do the same with the individual stamps I have from Michael's, Joann's and Rubbernecker.

  3. Might I suggest you use the index from splitcoaststampers for your retired stamp sets or other images you might find on your internet search engine.

  4. BRILLIANT idea!!! Thanks, Carolyn! I will do that! Woo hoo!

  5. Where did you find the video on how to use this neat tool?

  6. My girlfriend found it on You Tube


    I found more ways of using it just by playing with it, but it was a start!