Monday, February 25, 2013

Tea Anyone?

I LOVE Scotland!  I have been 5 times and every time it is a new adventure!  So when we decided on the World of Cards theme for the 2013 Retreat, we HAD to go to the UK.

My girlfriend Marcia from South Africa surprised me by staying at the same B&B

Church in Dunblane - GORGEOUS!

<sigh> Now on to the cards!

Who doesn't LOVE the red phone booths?  I walked 5 miles through fields, over scary suspension bridges and was attacked by a persnickety sheep JUST to get to a red phone booth to call work to see if I had made it through the lay offs during my vacation.  Thankfully, I survived the sheep attack AND the lay offs!  (I still have a big dent in my leg from the damn sheep though!)

So here is my tribute to that harrowing trek through the Scottish Highlands!

And you can't go across the pond without having tea...even though I am not a fan!  Shhhhh, don't tell anyone.    Give me a cold Coke with lots of ice and I am happy stamper!

I am still working on the Paris and Caribbean cards so those should be posted soon!!!


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