Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Organizing Card Classes

I LOVE hosting Card Classes!  Not a "party" fan but classes....HEAVEN!

Classes are fun, organized, and have a wonderful purpose.  There is just a ton of stuff that needs to be done in order to have a successful class.

  1. Cards to make
  2. Supplies to buy
  3. Paper to cut
  4. People to invite
  5. Things to pack up
Knowing what paper you need to cut and how much to buy is CRITICAL when putting together a class.  Doing a guesstimate doesn't always work out well, especially when you are running behind and putting kits together last minute and realize you don't have enough buttons for everyone!  Eeek!

So I put together this great little worksheet to keep me on track.

  1. I list the Class Name i.e. Christmas in July 
  2. The Date of the Class
  3. Attendee Names
  4. How many total are coming (this is CRITICAL)
  5. How much I am charging per person (If someone gets a discount or if they already paid, I will put notes next to their name.)

Next, I start working on the "recipe" card for the cards.  Typically I do 4 cards per workshop, but we are going to look at the first card as our example.

  1. I write the name of the card next to Card #1 i.e. Christmas Stocking
  2. I put how many cards of this particular design we are making (I am going to need this when I start cutting paper!)
  3. Now I start listing out the PAPER supplies and dimensions of the paper on the left hand side under Paper Needed.  i.e. White Card, Black 1st Layer, Real Red 5" x 3"
  4. On the right hand side I put all of the supplies I need to make the card; stamp set name, ink colors, brads, dimensionals, ribbons, etc.

Now that I have all of my recipe cards finished and I know what supplies I need, I separate them into categories.  This is going to help me when I pack up to head out to do the class AND it will help me determine if I need to order any additional inks, ribbons, markers, etc.

Paper cutting can be a NIGHTMARE!!!!  Especially if your cards have a lot of layers to them.  Which is where your recipe cards come in handy!  On the Paper and Ribbon to Cut page I write in how many people are attending the class and the # of cards they are making of each design.  They I multiply that number and that is how many of each paper I need to cut.

Then I make the list of paper that needs to be cut gleaming the information from the recipe card.

Next, I list out the quantities and the paper size and color just like I did on the recipe card.  As I cut the paper, I mark it through so I know not to duplicate my efforts.

Woo hoo!  Almost done!  Now that I have all the supplies listed, paper that needs to be cut, I can figure out what supplies I need to order from Stampin' Up! before the big day!

 At the end of my worksheet, I have my final check list of what to do and what to bring with me to the class.

This worksheet has been a LIFESAVER for me with all of my classes!  Feel free to copy my layout and design OR if you would like the Word version of my Workshop Checklist, just let me know and I will get it over to you!


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