Sunday, February 24, 2013

Passport to Fun!

The World of Cards Retreat is coming up soon and how can you take a trip around the world without a Passport?  Especially without a passport that has super cool brads on it!?!

This will be our second Stamp Retreat and I figured everyone deserves a special little something to track the memories.  So everyone who went last year will get a cupcake stamp for the Cupcake Retreat and this year they will get another one for the 2013 Retreat.

Maybe I will have to do something REALLY cool if someone comes to 5 Retreats they get $100 of free product or something fun!

Oooh maybe do a Christmas Card Retreat too!   Ok, now my brain is blowing up with all sorts of ideas.  Good thing I am blogging as I am thinking so I can remember all of this good stuff!

Ok, off to make notes!  Mom, be sure and remind me if I forget!!!

Happy Stamping!

AND for more information on our World of Cards Retreat, be sure and check out the website!


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