Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bubble Gum Machine

My daughter got a really cool red cast iron bubble gum machine for her 6th birthday and it was the coolest!  She LOVED that bubble gum machine and then her dear mother accidently knocked it off the counter and the glass shattered and the gumball machine was no longer.

So, Jorgy, 13 years later here is your replacement!!!  =)

My favorite part of the gumball machine is putting the Crystal Effects on the gumballs.  They just make them POP!!!  Plus, you just can't beat the texture.

Now for my confession!

I WANTED to turn this gumball machine into a scratch off.  I saw a really cool recipe on Pinterest on how to make your own scratch off using paint and dish soap.  I originally tried it on a scrap paper and it worked out GREAT!

However, when I tried it on the card...uh, ya!  Out of 10 cards only ONE came out semi decent, BUT the colors of the ink smeared so it didn't really come out like I had planned.

The other 9, oh wow!  TOTALLY destroyed!  I wish I had taken a picture of the "silver" running down the paper, smearing my whole card and making a GIANT mess!  Making sure you have your paper pinned down to a flat surface is DEFINITELY a must.  I am assuming I added too much dishsoap and not enough paint and possibly that would have helped as well.

AND not using any ink under the scratch off part and just using a Sharpie to write a message would have been much better.

Oh well, live and learn and then make some more!

Happy Stamping!

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