Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Podcast is LIVE!

I used to LOVE my weekly podcast.  It was so beyond fun, so enjoyable and what better way to compliment our radio show?  Yep, little ol' me used to be on the air waves!  The best part?  When they did some finagling with the mic and made me sound "sultry" versus a Squeaky Suzy!   Eeeek!

It has been a few years and I figured, there is NO REASON why I couldn't spin making cards into a wonderful niche' marketing podcast.  =)   Oh ya, the creative juices were definitely flowing when I thought this one up.  Thus, the Greetings From Suzanne Podcast was born.

Originally, I was going to launch the Podcast on May 2nd, but being patient is NOT my strong suit so my hubby nicely persuaded me to go live.  Which translates to, "he was watching the Boston Marathon news and hollered, "Ya, babe, hit play!"  =)

I only have one show uploaded so far, one in the pipeline ready to play on Thursday and iTunes is taking its sweet time "approving" my content.

So, if you were of a mind to check out our first episode, please do!  Any feedback would be MORE than welcome!!

Thanks so much!!!

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