Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping it Clean

When it comes to adhesive I am definitely a double sided sticky tape kind of gal.  I used some sub-par TomBow adhesive for a bunch of cards I made for the Antique Shop and a month later the cards were all falling apart!  It was embarrassing, humiliating and I was LIVID!   Needless to say, I stick to 3M.

However, there are times when I need a smaller piece of adhesive and one that forms to the shape I need tape on and that is when I go to my back-up.  Stampin' Ups! Snail Adhesive is wonderful!  It sticks, it holds and it hasn't annoyed me yet.

EXCEPT with the extra stickiness that clings for its very life on my grid paper.  Then when I least expect a finished product attaches itself to the minute area of adhesive.  Lots of loud screaming often ensues so I came up with a little area of peace.

I place a Post It off to the side of my grid paper and that is where I use the Snail adhesive for my projects.  No mess, no fuss and no temper tantrums.  When I am finished taping my paper, I can just move the Post It so I don't ruin my main project.  It works GREAT!

Now I am a happy stamper without a lot of worries....well, at least I have one less worry!  =)

Happy Stamping!

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