Saturday, April 13, 2013

Do Not Open Until.....

I am sure you have all heard of the color commotion going over at Stampin' Up! and I will whole heartedly admit I wept; long, hard and my heart is breaking.  But I did put on my "man pants" and wipe the snot from my face and put in my last desperate order of my favorite colors.

This year I was able to get almost all of the goodies I ordered so that is a good thing!  However, I am not brave enough to open the box and start rifling through the papers and inks.  I know that once I do, it will be the same as saying good bye to an old friend and I am just not ready yet.

Yep, Pretty in Pink is almost as wonderful as my best friend.  Certainly Celery has heard my squeals of delight.  Lucky Limeade is feeling quite left out being one of the only colors NOT being renewed and let's face it, I still hate Pear Pizzazz.

So there it sits on my floor just waiting for me to open it.  Softly calling out my name.  Pleading with me to come to terms with a sad good bye.  Seeing that I am BRILLIANT at pushing things aside and not dealing with them, I figured I would do the same with my lonely box and I have scheduled my little day of sadness for Tuesday.  I will be a big girl until then, no tears, no ripping of the hair, no stomping around throwing a temper tantrum.  I will be the picture of serenity and indifference.

Tuesday, however, will be BRUTAL!!!!  I should probably bring in another box of Kleenex just in case!

So there is my sad, pathetic, little story.

The good news is after a week in Arizona and an unexpected flurry of life Thursday, Friday and Saturday I should be back to making cards again starting tomorrow!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!

Until then, it is off to get my cottage back to working order.

Have a great weekend!

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