Thursday, April 4, 2013

Classy Quick Notes

How many times have you had to write up a quick little note and either mail out, leave behind or give to someone else?  A Post-It works fine, a scrap piece of paper will do the trick, but will it be professional?

Leaving a note for your kids are one thing, most of the time a piece of paper with a quick smiley face is enough to get the job done, but can the same thing be said about a client or a customer?  Sometimes including a classy note with an order or as a "thank you" can be a heck of a lot more memorable than a white lined paper you tore off a note pad.

Not to mention how they feel when they see a stunning envelope in their mailbox that does NOT resemble a bill!

Presentation is everything and setting yourself apart with a something as simple as a note, is a GREAT way to get you and your business a positive way!

Plus, they are easy to make or even easier to order!


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