Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can You See It?

It never fails, when you move you always end up misplacing, losing or overlooking the one "essential" item of the moment!   Ok, make that two, we can't find Garrett's "pit juice" aka deodorant anywhere!  But I can handle stinky boys, I have a house full of them so my nose has officially gone on a permanent vacation.  HOWEVER, my brand new big bottle of Stampin' Mist is a MUST HAVE!

I have been tearing through boxes, on my hands and knees looking under tables and NOTHING!  I am squeezing the life out of the little bottle with the air bubbles in the spritzer and it has been quite sad.   As I was working on my July Virtual Card Class cards today I needed my Crystal Effects so I went to my cupboard and opened it up.

Do you see what is nicely sitting right next to my Crystal Effects?  Right in front, larger than life, with the label facing TOWARDS me, my Stampin' Mist.   Yep, as my mother would say, "if it was a snake, I would be dead."

After feeling remarkably stupid, I did a small happy dance and promptly filled up my squirt bottle and happily sprayed my cleaning mat and cleaning my stamps!

Now it is time to be off and get to work on my Christmas in July cards for my class that is coming up!

Woo hoo!!!

Happy Stamping!

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