Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christmas in July - Peppermint

During my last "killer" order, I decided to pick up the Jolly Bingo Bits set.  I thought they would be something cute to use for my Christmas card classes and some cute tags for the holiday's.  For whatever reason this card and the ones that I attempted before it was KILLING me!   I was totally just killing the card, I couldn't get anything to look right and I was getting beyond frustrated!  I gave myself the excuse of "I was just hungry" so I excused myself from the cottage, went and made myself a snack, read some of my book and then decided to get back out and finish that card!

I perused through some inspiration pieces, found lots of cutesy designs that I was dying to try, vetoed some of the ones that my gals would skin me alive over and finally decided that I could try this on my own.

I totally love the peppermints!  The new red with white stitched ribbon is perfect for the card and I got to use the postage stamp punch!   Woo hoo!

After I took this picture, I thought adding some Crystal Effects to the peppermints would look super cool, boy was I WRONG!  I must not have let the ink dry enough because now I have smeared red peppermints and I am totally devastated!    Oh well!  Live and learn!!!

Happy Stamping!

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