Monday, June 11, 2012

Keeping it Close

At My Fingertips
Pier One Imports was totally picking up my vibe on colors for Gooseberry Cottage!  I picked up so many cool accessories and I love them all!  I used this super cool basket to keep all of my tape, pearls and rhinestones.  It is all together in one place and each to access and looks great on my workstation!

And this is the bad boy my hubby ran out and hunted all over town for!  We had two fatalities during the move and one was my color printer!  I had it safely tucked into the back of my Prius to keep it safe from the movers and silly me forgot it was back there and I opened the hatch and out it fell.  It promptly busted into a million pieces and I had a few foul words spew forth from my lips and a possible kick to a shattered piece.  (Note to self, don't kick sharp plastic objects while wearing flip doesn't feel good!)

And do you know what that little blue light in the right hand corner means?  WIRELESS!!!   AND to top it off it actually works!  Happy dance!!!!

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