Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day Cards

We have been quite busy here at Gooseberry Cottage!  I had a nice little Father's Day Card Order for my first week here and I was able to get the cottage put together and the cards made just in the nick of time!  LITERALLY!

While working on those, I got a nice hefty order of cards as Christmas gifts for 386 cards that I need to get cracking on along with cards for my classes and all the other fun stuff!   I am BEYOND excited!!  With all of the new stamps I got in from Stampin' Up! last week and my new digs, I can't wait to get all of these cards started!  My hubby is even out buying me a bottle of champagne to celebrate our 2 week anniversary of us actually living together!  What a sweetie!

So before I start rambling like there is no tomorrow, here are the Father's Day cards I made earlier this week!

I always think of my brother, Jake, every time I make a Fall themed card.  It is his favorite season as it introduces snowboard season so beautifully!

Jen has twin boys and this was their Father's Day card to their dad!

My FAVORITE!  Love the new stamp set.  I did get my inspiration for this card from another stamper and as soon as I find out who, I will update!

Had the HARDEST time with this card and I still am not sure how I feel about it.

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