Friday, March 22, 2013

Do...or Do Not. There is no try.

Thank heaven for nephews!  I have been DYING to make a Yoda card for my nephew's birthday for YEARS!  But, quite frankly, it scared the living daylights out of me!  Talk about intimidation.  I mean, it's Yoda for crying out loud.  To screw this up would be an EPIC fail!

So after slaving away over excel sales reports I figured nothing could be more draining than what I had just worked on so why not give Yoda a try.

Guess what?  I TOTALLY nailed it!  How cute is this little green dude?!

My nephew is going to LOVE this and I can't wait to send it off to him for his birthday this week.

I am working on the supply list and instructions to make this little for yourself.  So if you would like to receive a copy after I am finished, please email me.  Just as an FYI, all materials are Stampin' Up!

If you would rather NOT make one of these little guys or the thought of spending bookoo bucks on punches, you can buy this bad boy!

Buy Yoda and May the Force be with you! - $5.00 and $.66 for shipping.

I love how the card can be really anything you want; birthday, encouragement, or just because.

PLUS, it is a great kid card!  Although, I know quite a few grown adult's that this would be PERFECT for!

Hope you enjoy!!


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