Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gooseberry Cottage is Growing!!!

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Well, Gooseberry Cottage is growing!  My hubby has heard my pleas or rather he is tired of listening to me complain.  =)  Either way, my little cottage is going to be expanding!

With that expansion will hopefully come card classes where you will be able to come and visit Gooseberry Cottage!  Enjoy the courtyard, learn a few new techniques and enjoy some fun creating cards of your very own!

Of course, hubby did put ONE little stipulation to my expansion.  I need to sell 1000 cards!  At the time of our little conversation, I said, "No problem!  I can totally do that!"  Now, I am going, "HOW IN THE WORLD!?!"

So I have spent the last FOUR HOURS looking for a cute thermometer to mark my card progress and I found the perfect one!  =)   Priorities, right?

Starting today, I am on the road to Gooseberry Cottage Expansion!  Of course, I certainly don't want to leave you all out of the fun so I will definitely be taking pictures and sharing the process!  It should be loads of fun since we will be doing a lot of it ourselves and I know you will be DEVASTATED not to join in the dirt, filth and manual labor.  So the next best thing is pictures, right?!  =)

If you would like to "help" by ordering a card or two, you are more than welcome to hop on over to our Etsy Store or to our website to check out a card!

I suppose I better get back to work and start making cards!   Keep checking back to see all the fun or follow us on Facebook!!!

Happy Stamping!!!


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