Saturday, March 23, 2013


Before I moved to New Mexico, I found this GREAT little white cupboard at a garage sale and it was PERFECT to display my glitters and other pretties I didn't really use on my cards.  =)   Let's face it, sometimes I buy things just because they are pretty!  I like to think of it as my contribution to boosting the economy!

Anyway!  Once I moved into Gooseberry Cottage I totally forgot about it and let's face it, I didn't REALLY use the stuff anyway.  UNTIL, I found some great techniques using glitter than I just HAD to have it again.  I knew I moved it with me and Garrett graciously wiggled his way into the loft, found the shelf and brought it down the ladder for me.  WHAT A MESS!!!

My glitters were everywhere!  Although, I suppose that is what happens when you use salt and pepper shakers to store it in.  Eeeek!   Did I mention it LOOKS pretty?  My son laughed and promptly left before I could ask him to help, smart kid, but after looking at the mess, pulling out the ribbon and glitter bottles, I realized that it wasn't THAT bad.  Nothing the vacuum couldn't handle!

I am not sure you can actually SEE the little piece of grey metal in the bottom/middle of the picture, but THAT little piece caused me to realize just how much I LOVE my little shelving unit.  Now I SAW the little metal piece that holds up the shelf and I told myself that I need to pick it up BEFORE I brought out the vacuum........Anyone guess what I DIDN'T do?

Yep, I sucked up all the glitter AND the little metal piece that helps to hold up the shelf!  I was in definite panic mode.  I shut down the vacuum, shook the attachment to high heaven and nothing came out.  The moment of truth had arrived.  I was going to have to open up the bag, dig through the dust, dog hair, dimensional backings and whatever else I had picked up along the way to FIND this ONE LITTLE PIECE!!!

Talk about a MESS!!!!!!!!!   Dirty, dusty, icky, nasty!  I sifted, I sorted, I swore, and I didn't find!   So I did it all again.  Do you know where my little friendly piece was?  Right there in front of me.  Off to the side of my big pile of dusty sludge.  Happily sitting there.  Laughing at me!

That, my dear friends, is love!

After my flub up, I went through the process of cleaning, dusting and making my little shelving unit pretty again!  So here she is all put together and ready for me to actually use her contents this time!!!   =)

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