Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just a Note

Korena Soto Photography

I had a fabulous order this week for a slew of cute postcard style notes for Korena Soto Photography.  They were simple, elegant and I cannot tell you just how much fun they were to make!

Korena is going to use them to send to her clients to remind them of sitting times, thank you's and other special notes she needs to send out.

To give it an extra special texture, we embossed the K and the other Early Espresso swirl at the top corner of the postcard.  We also did a coordinating envelope to go with the cards and of course, we personalized the notes with the letter "K" for Korena!

I have absolutely fallen in love with this idea and style, (Way to go, Korena!!!!  This was all her idea!)  I am definitely going to make some up for myself and put either a "Thank You", "Just a Note" or maybe a cool quote.  These would be PERFECT to add in with an order or to send out as little thank you's.

Her finished package ready to mail out!!!



Happy Stamping!!

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