Sunday, March 24, 2013

Picture Taking HELL!!!

One of the many goals I have in the coming months is improving my picture taking abilities!  Because let's face it, folks, I am TERRIBLE!!!!

I have purchased light boxes, my husband let's me use the super expensive camera when I want to, I have tried different lighting, inside, outside, upside down!  To NO AVAIL!

Looks at this!

It is dark, it isn't crisp, it doesn't do the actual card any justice!


My husband even went so far as to do me up a HUGE photography rig to help me!

And he had me pick up some sort of Photoshop program....that still isn't installed on my laptop.  Oops!

Final Product
The above card was the final version of the card after all of the set up!  All day long with my mom and Stephan helping me.  REALLY?  It looks pretty, but quite frankly, I don't want to spend ALL DAY LONG to take ONE picture!


If you have any hints, pointers, suggestions or ideas, PLEASE let me know!  I am tired of slowly killing everyone with my lackluster photos!  You will be doing all of humanity a GIANT favor!  =)

Thanks bunches!


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