Saturday, March 16, 2013

Emergency Card Stash

How many times have you been caught without a birthday card?  Whether it is a last minute birthday party your child needs to go to, your co-worker, or heaven help us a family member!  It just never fails that you are stuck without a card.

AGES ago, my mom bought me this really cool card kit from Costco that was a nifty little organizer filled with cards for almost any occasion; birthday, baby, wedding, anniversary, sympathy, get well, you name it there was a cute card to accompany the occasion.  I absolutely LOVED IT!  So when I started making my own cards, I thought, what a great idea!  My mom even took it one step further and every year she gives out little kits of her own with a slew of handmade cards.

I keep mine in a cute cigar box style purse I got on eBay.

Inside of the "purse" I keep my stamps, a pen and my emergency cards!

It is nice getting my weekly Facebook birthday reminders, popping open my cigar box and getting out cards to send to friends!

I know where my cards are, I don't have to worry about finding a stamp and I can even take it with me on the go!

Need an Emergency Card Stash of your own?  Request your Emergency Card Stash to keep you prepared for all those last minute birthday's, thank you's and friendly notes!

Happy Stamping!

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