Monday, March 25, 2013

Sharing the Love

Being "isolated" from family and friends, can definitely take its toll.  Thankfully, I have a kick butt husband and Gooseberry Cottage. Talk about both of them being a saving grace!  However, there are those wonderful times when I get a fun little Facebook chit chat going on that helps spark those creative juices and brings clarity to my day/week.

Last week, my girlfriend Jessica and I were having a fun time going back and forth on Facebook emails and she has this wonderful way of lighting a fire under my batooty and I get this flaming jet pack of energy and my brain fills with nine million wonderful ideas!  Plus, since I have this killer jet pack the sky is definitely the limit!

I have a list a mile long full of wonderful little things to do, all of them do-able, most of them time lined out and one of them is happening a week from today!!!!

That's right, the OFFICIAL Greetings From Suzanne Newsletter will be sent out on April 1st!  I have been furiously working on all kids of great content, me and my jet back have been scurrying the web looking for wonderful things to share AND I am putting together a couple of wonderful announcements.  Did I also mention there will be some other great ideas for cards, products and super cool pictures, too???

If you haven't signed up yet, please be sure and click on Newsletter! at the top of our blog OR just click the "Newsletter!" link!  I promise, it is REALLY easy to do!

As for right now, I am going to get hopping on this week's blog posts while the man of the house watches Zombies.  =)


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